Step One: How to Register for Your FYP Course

Carefully Selecting Your Top 6 FYP Choices

You will be placed in your First-Year Program (FYP) by the Associate Dean of the First Year based on the choices you provide on the FYP College Preference Form for the fall semester course. This form must be submitted by May 30.

  • Read carefully all of the relevant Fall 2017 First Year (FYP) Course Descriptions. Click on the titles of the FYPs at the link above because course titles can either be wrongly interpreted or may not convey other important information that may impact your choice, i.e., spending lots of time in the outdoors or participating in a community placement with a local agency on a weekly basis as a requirement of a Community Based Learning (CBL) component of that FYP course. Please note that the designation of "CBL" following a title indicates that a student will engage in a community based experience that will unfold over the course of a semester and will require weekly participation with a local agency. More information on Community Based Learning at St. Lawrence. Finally, to help us with your FYP course placement we encourage you to use the textbox at the end of the First-Year College Preference form to provide us with some detail about the FYP course choices that you made on the form. Also note: One FYP course entitled An Outdoor State of Mind requires you to participate in an outdoor pre-trip, which costs an additional $375.

  • Select at least six choices and/or choose a theme from among the FYP courses offered that you are interested in. Feel free to provide more than six. Base your choices on thoughtful consideration and a careful reading of the descriptions. You will be placed in one of those choices. Please double check your selections carefully before submitting your form online. If you have questions about any of the FYP courses, feel free to email; we would be happy to answer any questions that you have.

  • Submit all required forms on the Forms Checklist page no later than Tuesday,
    May 30th.
    You must log in to complete the forms. If you have submitted your forms no later than the deadline, you can expect notification of your FYP placement and housing no later than mid-July via your SLU email.

Placement in your Residence Hall and Roommate
Please be aware that if you select a single room as your top preference, there is an extra cost. Learn more by selecting the link above.

Placement with Your Academic Advisor.

You will receive notification through your SLU e-mail of your FYP placement, your academic advisor, and your room assignment and roommate (if applicable) no later than mid-July; if all three forms which are used for placement are submitted by May 30 (FYP College Preference form, Housing Assignment Profile, and Your Academic Interests). If the forms are received after the deadline, then your FYP placement, housing and advisor selection will be delayed until late July/early August.

Please be sure that St. Lawrence always has your most current mailing address. Using your SLU e-mail account, please e-mail FYP with your full name and any changes in contact information.

If you have any questions about this step in the process, you should contact the First-Year Program office (315-229-5909) or email FYP.