German Resources


  • Animated German Grammar: Animated German grammar tutorials
  • Babbel: German lessons and activities are available for students to use.
  • Conjuguemos: Interactive quizzes that can be custom timed, provide correct answers, and focus on speed. There are quizzes for grammar, vocabulary from German text book chapters and vocabulary organized by themes. Links to vocab lists and flashcards provided as well.
  • Deutsch im Blick: Grammar references (Deutsch im Blick has limited explicit grammar modeling, but it is supported by an extensive companion online resource.
  • Deutsch Lernen: Provides free German lessons ranging from beginner to advanced, includes study tips for learning German, and a travel guide on German speaking countries.
  • Deutschkurs: Deutschkurs has extensive online chapters covering beginner to advanced German grammar. It also includes dialect information on how German is pronounced in various regions of Germany.
  • Fundamentals of German: A website dedicated to important German grammar lessons.
  • German Grammar Lessons: German language skills, grammar structures.
  • German language learning games: Digital Dialects: Divided into different basic lessons that provide and written and pronunciation review before allowing you to play games to practice basic German vocab
  • German Tutorial Index: Comprehensive, grammar, and vocabulary review of German
  • Grimm Grammar: Grimm Grammar is an online German grammar reference from the University of Texas at Austin.
  • Learn German: A site for German students, teachers, and German enthusiasts.
  • Nancy Thuleen: Grammar worksheets for teaching German

Vocabulary & Flashcards:

  • Cram: A flashcard website. You can choose to include images on flashcards and choose from a many links providing vocabulary lists. Useful for studying grammar and conjugations as well. Once you go through the flashcards, there are tests, memorizing exercises and games as well.
  • Deutsche Welle: It offers a range of different learning materials, including this telenovela.
  • Education Scotland: Hennings Haus provides a variety of games to reinforce key grammar and vocabulary - with audio.
  • German language learning games: Vocabulary and grammar building games for all levels.
  • German Language: German pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar and other language tools.
  • Phonetik: This site is useful for learning how to pronounce sounds and letters in German. It provides images of the mouth to show how sounds are mechanically produced.
  • Quizlet: German vocabulary flashcards
  • Vokabel: German vocabulary pop quiz, and other exercises
  • Slow German: This is a side project of Annik Rubens who produces the podcast Sleepless in Munich. The topics of her Slow German podcasts include everything from holidays to automobiles. The podcasts and transcripts are free. For an additional fee you can purchase the accompanying materials in PDF format, which include vocabulary, comprehension questions, and a cloze exercise.
  • Wie Geht’s German: Games to learn German: First you select which game you want to play and then what level as well as which lesson of basic vocab. In some games the pronunciation is spoken allowed while the game is being played to help review basic German vocabulary


  • Goethe-Institut: The Goethe-Institut fosters knowledge about Germany by providing information on German culture, society and politics. This includes the exchange of films, music, theatre, and literature.


  • Beolingus: Online dictionary that provides students with examples of word usage and synonyms.
  • CanooNet: German dictionaries and grammar" is an English-language site offering practical helps with German.
  • Besides browsing the dictionary or searching for German-English translations you can also ask and answer questions related to the German or English language using the translation forum. To improve your language skills try the vocabulary trainer
  • Leo Dictionary: Two-way German-English dictionary with about 450000 entries and several search options


  • BBC: Languages, German: Introductory German lessons, video tutorials, German phrase guide for both slang and holiday phrases. Links to a variety of German news, TV, and radio sources, some with videos and subtitles.
  • Deutsche Welle: News and analysis of the top international and European topics Current affairs and background information on politics, business, science, culture, globalization…
  • Networking European Citizenship Education | bpb: Handouts, videos, news