Chinese Resources


  • Chinese Grammar Wiki: A reliable wiki page that offers easy-to-understand explanations for Chinese grammar.
  • Integrated Chinese  Textbook pdf: The online pdf of Integrated Chinese textbook level 1 part 1 offers lessons with a list of relevant characters followed by pages of practice dialogues (in pinyin and characters, English written in the back of the book), grammar lessons, and workbook examples that will help students apply the characters they just learned to real life situations (i.e. shopping, transportation, telling time)
  • Learn Chinese - Chinese Tools: On the right side of the main screen, there is a table of contents that has very useful lessons.
  • Learn Chinese Online Page: A website developed by California State University. It has a clean interface and has lots of links for outside resources.
  • MIT OpenCourseWare - Chinese I (Regular): A free online introductory to Chinese course released by MIT. Includes readings, assignments, and study materials.
  • MIT OpenCourseWare - Classics of Chinese Literature: An online course by MIT. This course is designed for advanced students who possess an interest in Chinese literature.
  • MIT OpenCourseWare – Learning Chinese: A Foundation Course in Mandarin: The website contains lots of useful pdf files and mp3 audio that can help students in learning Mandarin.
  • Shared Talk: This website brings together language learners from all over the world, so learners can connect through voice chat, text chat and email. (sign up needed)

Vocabulary & Flashcards:

  • Allset Learning Pinyin App: App (for ipad) that shows the pinyin chart with zomm-able and pan-able features (This link connects you to the iTunes store)
  • Anki: A powerful tool (flash cards) to review vocabularies.
  • BBC Languages - Chinese: Large online resource for language learning that offers traditional step-by-step learning, vocabulary resources, as well as multimedia tools. (signup not needed)
  • Best Chinese Websites: A creative website from the University of Northern Iowa. It has plenty of useful resources and links.
  • Chinese Flashcards- YellowBridge: “YellowBridge Chinese Flashcards are designed to help students memorize as many Chinese characters as possible” Many different levels of pre-made flash cards sorted by textbook, complete with instant dictionary lookup, and correct pronunciation
  • Chinese - Free Mandarin Chinese Flash cards: available both online and as printable PDF files
  • Chinese with Mike: Lessons are delivered through short videos; currently has released over 60 videos of about 10 minutes each.
  • FluentU: This website uses popular video clips and short movies to help student learn Chinese in a very visual manner. (sign up needed)
  • Foreign Services Institute: Courses are developed by the United States government. Materials are high-quality and designed by professional linguists with the goal of learner fluency.
  • HanziCraft: This program teaches how to write Chinese characters.
  • Jukuu: A database of sentences in English and Chinese. It can be useful to understand the context of a given word.
  • Just Lean Chinese: A Chinese-learning blog that covers short stories, vocabularies, tips, etc.
  • Lang-8: A great resource for improving writing skills. When you post something in the community, some native Chinese speaker will correct your writing and give you feedback. (sign up needed)
  • Learn Chinese - Qingwen App: A great little app that has weekly updated podcasts. Very convenient to learn Chinese while on-the-go (This link connects you to the iTunes store)
  • Mandarin Tools: Tools to assist people in learning and using the Chinese language.
  • Memrise: A flashcard-style language learning program that extends beyond vocabulary to things like history and science. (signup needed and also available in mobile apps)
  • Quizlet: Pre-made flashcards that help practice the pronunciation of characters (covers the lessons included in the textbook “Integrated Chinese”)


  • Sing Chinese Songs: For entertainment purposes – for artsy students especially! Lyrics are shown in karaoke style with both Chinese characters and Pinyin.


  • NCIKU Dictionary: Handwriting Recognition, Vocab Lists - Words automatically saved for you in your page or take them with you by turning them into mp3 files to download, Memorization Tests ; Pinyin with Sound - See and hear pronunciation for all examples and conversations; Conversations - Study, edit and save real-life phrases.
  • Perapera Language Tools: The website has great advices on learning Chinese, Japanese and Korean. It is also a pop-up dictionary and study tool in the manner of extensions for Firefox and Chrome browsers.
  • Pleco: A mobile app that allows one to look up words offline.


  • Marco Polo Project: A website that offers a selection of recent articles from China. Some articles are translated into English. Students can further practice their language skills.