Chinese Resources


  • Chinese Grammar Wiki: A reliable wiki page that offers easy-to-understand explanations for Chinese grammar.
  • COUSERA: Online university courses ranging a broad spectrum of Chinese topics.
  • Learn Chinese - Chinese Tools: On the right side of the main screen, there is a table of contents that has very useful lessons.
  • Learn Chinese Online Page: A website developed by California State University. It has a clean interface and has lots of links for outside resources.

Vocabulary & Flashcards:

  • Allset Learning Pinyin App: App (for ipad) that shows the pinyin chart with zomm-able and pan-able features (This link connects you to the iTunes store)
  • Anki: A powerful tool (flash cards) to review vocabularies.
  • BBC Languages - Chinese: Large online resource for language learning that offers traditional step-by-step learning, vocabulary resources, as well as multimedia tools. (signup not needed)
  • Best Chinese Websites: A creative website from the University of Northern Iowa. It has plenty of useful resources and links.
  • Chinese - Free Mandarin Chinese Flash cards: available both online and as printable PDF files
  • Chinese Flashcards- YellowBridge: “YellowBridge Chinese Flashcards are designed to help students memorize as many Chinese characters as possible” Many different levels of pre-made flash cards sorted by textbook, complete with instant dictionary lookup, and correct pronunciation
  • Chinese with Mike: Lessons are delivered through short videos; currently has released over 60 videos of about 10 minutes each.
  • FluentU: This website uses popular video clips and short movies to help student learn Chinese in a very visual manner. (sign up needed)
  • Jukuu: A database of sentences in English and Chinese. It can be useful to understand the context of a given word.
  • Lang-8: A great resource for improving writing skills. When you post something in the community, some native Chinese speaker will correct your writing and give you feedback. (sign up needed)
  • Learn Chinese - Qingwen App: A great little app that has weekly updated podcasts. Very convenient to learn Chinese while on-the-go (This link connects you to the iTunes store)
  • Mandarin Tools: Tools to assist people in learning and using the Chinese language.
  • Quizlet: Pre-made flashcards that help practice the pronunciation of characters (covers the lessons included in the textbook “Integrated Chinese”)


  • Sing Chinese Songs: For entertainment purposes – for artsy students especially! Lyrics are shown in karaoke style with both Chinese characters and Pinyin.
  • Dig Chinese: A course resource containing proverbs, images of characters, and more.
  • Popup Chinese: Browse podcast, video, and story archives. Requires a free account set up.


  • NCIKU Dictionary: Handwriting Recognition, Vocab Lists - Words automatically saved for you in your page or take them with you by turning them into mp3 files to download, Memorization Tests ; Pinyin with Sound - See and hear pronunciation for all examples and conversations; Conversations - Study, edit and save real-life phrases.
  • Perapera Language Tools: The website has great advices on learning Chinese, Japanese and Korean. It is also a pop-up dictionary and study tool in the manner of extensions for Firefox and Chrome browsers.
  • Pleco: A mobile app that allows one to look up words offline.


  • Pinyin: A website dedicated to helping you write Chinese characters.


  • China Network Television: This is Chinese network television. Choose form many languages!
  • Marco Polo Project: A website that offers a selection of recent articles from China. Some articles are translated into English. Students can further practice their language skills.