Arabic courses

101. Elementary Arabic with Lab.
An introduction to Modern Standard Arabic and Arab culture, for students who have never studied Arabic. The course begins with an introduction to Arabic sounds and letters. Attention will be given to the mastering of the Arabic alphabet, pronunciation, basic grammatical structures, and initial vocabulary. The course also introduces students to aspects of Arabic culture and everyday life in the Middle East. At the end of the course, students will be able to read and write Arabic at a basic level. Also offered through African Studies.

102. Elementary Arabic with Lab.
This is a continuation of Arabic 101. Students learn to differentiate among verbs, nouns and adjectives and to conjugate verbs in the present, past and the future. Emphasis is on the four communication skills: reading, listening, writing and speaking. Understanding of more complex elements of Arabic culture and writing is stressed. Prerequisite: Arabic 101 or equivalent. Also offered through African Studies.

103. Intermediate Arabic with Lab.
 This course is geared toward consolidating skills gained in Arabic 101 and 102 while enhancing the ability to converse and conduct oneself in Arabic. It focuses on expressing yourself: telling about your experiences, expressing opinions and wishes, presenting persuasive speeches, dealing with daily situations (shopping, going to a restaurant, asking for directions…). Reading skills are enhanced by exposure to more sophisticated examples of literature (poems). Social roles are practiced and many cultural topics are discussed. Prerequisite: Arabic 102 or equivalent. . Also offered through African Studies.

104. Intermediate Arabic with Lab.
Students in this course are expected to gain a greater degree of cultural proficiency through appropriate readings. In this course will study selected texts (from 1001 nights, Kalila wa Dimna), poems, songs, and Arabic language films. Many cultural subjects will be covered (pre-islamic era, Islam, Women in the Arab world...) Grammar is systematically reviewed.  Prerequisite: Arabic 103 or equivalent. Also offered through African Studies.

447-448: Special topic: (occasionally taught)
In this course we focus on Arabic at the advanced level through in-depth examination of grammar, and reading of selected texts to develop the student's ability in the critical oral and written analysis of integral literary texts. The colloquial Arabic will be introduced (Lebanese). Many cultural subjects will be covered as many films will be discussed and analyzed.