Statistics Minor

The field of Statistics is one of the most important and fastest growing fields today.  Five courses are required to complete a minor in Statistics.  These may be chosen from among the following options, subject to the guidelines listed beneath them.

Courses within the department which count towards the minor include

  • Statistics 113 (Applied Statistics),
  • Statistics 213 (Applied Regression Analysis),
  • Statistics 226 (Design and Analysis of Experiments),
  • Statistics 325 (Probability),
  • Statistics 326 (Mathematical Statistics),
  • Statistics 343 (Time Series Analysis).  Note that Statistics 343 is also cross-listed as Economics 343.

Other courses from outside the department which include a substantial statistics component may also count towards the minor.  These courses include

  • Biology 303 (Biometrics),
  • Economics 200 (Quantitative Methods in Economics),
  • Economics 342 (Econometrics),
  • Psychology 205 (Research Methods in Psychology),
  • Sociology 301 (Quantitative Methods).

Keep the following guidelines in mind while planning a course of study.  No more than two of the five courses can be disciplinary methods courses from outside the statistics offerings.  Furthermore, Statistics 113 and Economics 200 may not both be counted toward the statistics minor.  However, an independent study/honors project that involves substantial statistical analysis may also be used as one of the five courses toward a statistics minor.

You may also download and print out the Statistics minor worksheet to help plan your course of study.