Senior Year Research Projects

The Senior Year Experience (SYE) is a required part of the programs in mathematics and computer science. This project can be either an independent research project with a faculty member or a specially designed senior seminar.  Titles of recent SYE research projects in Mathematics, Computer Science, and Statistics appear below. 

Additional information about the Senior Year Experience is available for current students.

Recent SYE Research Projects in Mathematics and Statistics

Class of 2010
Akstull, Tara • Predicting Scoring Rates in Hockey
Chin, Cindy • The Golden Ratio: The Most Irrational among Irrational Numbers
Dale, Ryan • Comparing Seifert Circles with the Braid Index of a Knot
Fisher, Alexander • Fourier Optics and Signal Processing
Hadler, Jeremy • Evaluating the Robustness of Clustering Techniques relative to the Number of Clusters
Howard, Megan • Classification Trees
Huynh, Thang Le • Harmonic Analysis and its Applications to Economics
Lane, Catherine • Comparing Methods of Analyzing Data From Cluster Randomization Trials
McAndrews, Oke • Transfer Function Models of the Natural Gas Market
Mercurio, Paul • Explaining the Spread of Racoon Rabies Using Spatial Data Analyses
Mildrum, Charlie • An Analysis of NHL Shot Location Data
Miller, Katie • Predicting Wins for Baseball Games
Perconti, Jamie • Combinatorial Game Theory
Porter, Jennifer • Searching for Leukemia Clusters in Central New York
Sonam, Karma • Investigating the Convergence Rate of Sampling Distributions from Skewed Populations
Tuttle, Marcus • Analyzing Intensive Techniques in Statistics: Exploring Markov Chain Monte Carlo Techniques
von Reyn, Ben • Probability Bucketing: An Alternative to the Monte Carlo Approach in Financial Mathematics

Recent SYE Research Projects in Computer Science

Class of 2010
Baum, Geoffrey • Three Dimensional N-Body Simulation
Ben-Haim, Bryan • SLUlist - St. Lawrence's Online Marketplace
Denu, Douglas • St. Lawrence Web Crawler
Douglass, James • Drupal 5 Module Development
Fuerte, Christopher • A Multi-threaded and Distributed Implementation of a Turn Based  Game: Texas Hold'em
Garnett, Susan • A Multi-threaded and Distributed Implementation of a Turn Based Game: Texas Hold'em
Johnston, James • An Adaptation of a Poker Game
LaShomb, John • Web Development for Mobile Devices
Lynch, Simon • Survey of the OpenGL Shading Language
Nelkin, Valerie • Visual Explorations with Processing
Perconti, Jamie • A Pipelining Package for System C
Pogozelski, Steven • SLUlist - St. Lawrence's Online Marketplace
Sarov, Martin • Real-Time Simulation of Light Scattering By Dust Particles in a Darkened Room
Whelan, Thomas •  A Multi-threaded and Distributed Implementation of a Turn Based Game: Texas Hold'em
Woodworth, Adrienne • Kung Fu Master for Teenvity