Major Requirements

Requirements for the Global Studies major- Get form here:

A printable document summarizing these requirements may be found at the bottom of this page.

I. Core Courses

101. Introduction to Global Studies I: Political Economy.

102. Introduction to Global Studies II: Race, Culture, Identity.

290. Global Studies Research Methods.

301. Theories of Global Political Economy.

302. Theories of Global Cultural Studies.

489, 490. SYE: Senior Project.

498, 499. SYE: Honors Project.

II. Choice of Concentrations.

Students have three tracks they can choose from to mold their concentration. These are:

  • comparative area studies: three courses in each of two geographic or cultural areas, plus at least one semester of a second language; or
  • one-area study: four courses in one geographic or cultural area plus either two semesters of introductory language or one semester of 200-level language related to their area concentration; or
  • thematic study: three courses in one geographic or cultural area and three courses in one thematic area, plus at least one semester of a second language. 

Programs available for students’ concentrations include:

  • African Studies
  • African-American Studies
  • Asian Studies
  • Canadian Studies
  • Caribbean and Latin American Studies
  • European Studies
  • Native American Studies
  • other areas (e.g., Middle Eastern or Islamic Studies) with the approval of the department chair

Programs available for students' thematic concentrations include:

  • Environmental Studies
  • Gender and Sexuality Studies
  • Peace Studies
  • other areas (e.g., development or media studies) with the approval of the department chair

III. Two Global Studies Electives

These are normally listed under global studies and should fit in with the student’s concentration. However, students may petition the global studies chair to count other appropriate transnational or comparative courses.