Environmental Studies-English Combined Major

Environmental Studies–English

  • 3 units     A.  At least three writing courses, two of which are in the sequence:
                      201. and 309. journalism
                      241. and 310. fiction
                      242. and 311. poetry
                      243. and 308. creative nonfiction
                      243. and 309. nonfiction/journalism
                      244. and 306. screenwriting

               A relevant special topics course in writing or independent study in writing may count as one course. The following may also count as writing courses:

                      202.  Creative Expressions (Adirondack semester)
                      282.  Going Locavore
                      293.  A Literary Harvest
                      295.  Nature and Environmental Writing

              The following may also count as sequences:

                      243 and 295
                      202 and 295
                      243 and 293 or 282

  • 4 units     At least four literature courses, which must include:

               1.  At least one of the following 200-level survey courses:
                        226. Survey of English Literature.
                        237. Survey of American Literature.
                        239. Introduction to Canadian Literature.
                        263. Native American Fiction.

               2.  ENG 250

               3.  At least one of the following 300-level literature courses:
                        328. English Romanticism.
                        331. American Romanticism: 1830-1860. 
                        Or a relevant special topics seminar or independent study in literature.

               4.  At least one dual-listed English/environmental studies course:
                        346.   American Literature and the Environment.
                        352.   Contemporary Literature and the Environment.
                        4006. Georgic and Pastoral Literature.

14 units                  Total

Note: Courses that are dual-listed should be taken under the course number for English. These
electives count toward the English portion of the combined major.