The environmental studies department gives students a broad understanding of the complex nature of environmental problems.

The aim is to provide specific knowledge of the relationship between traditional disciplines and environmental studies. The program also hopes to foster an integrated and coherent approach for environmental problem solving. To meet such objectives, the curriculum includes courses listed with other departments of the University as well as in particular areas of environmental studies.  Many courses focus on the study of rural issues both inside and outside the classroom, to make maximum use of the University’s location.

A student may choose environmental studies as a stand-alone major (B.A.) or as a combined major in conjunction with other departments (B.S. or B.A.), or use environmental studies as one field in a multi-field major. Students can earn a B.S. degree emphasizing environmental science via combined majors with biology, geology, chemistry or psychology; or a B.A. degree in the stand-alone major or in a combined major with economics, English, government, philosophy or sociology.

Students enroll in Environmental Studies 101 in their first or second year and 335 in their sixth or seventh semester. Students intending to pursue an interdisciplinary major in environmental studies must take 101 by the end of their fourth semester. A major in environmental studies cannot be declared later than the end of the fourth week of a student’s fifth semester, or equivalent. 


1.  For the stand-alone major and all combined majors, Environmental
     Studies 335 and all ESP courses must be taken in the environmental
     studies department at St. Lawrence University.
2.  For students undertaking double majors and including environmental studies as one of the two majors, no more than two courses
     dual-listed with the department of the second major may be counted as electives toward the environmental studies major.
3.  For the stand-alone major and all combined majors, no more than two courses can be counted as electives from other institutions
     and University-approved abroad/away programs.