Multifaith Advisors

Multifaith Student Organization
Sullivan Student Center Room 328

The professionally trained religious staff and denominational advisors listed below, as well as the Chaplain and Associate Chaplain, are available for personal counseling of general, religious, pre-marriage, or crisis nature for undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and staff. Please note that religious affiliation is not necessary. No fees are charged.

Tradition Advisor/Email Phone
University Chaplain Rev. Kathleen Buckley 229-5256
Associate Chaplain Rev. Shaun Whitehead 229-5062
Atheist Maegan Bos 229-5952
Buddhist Mark MacWilliams 229-5128
Christian Science Barry Torres 229-5171
Earth-Based Jennifer Vincent-Barwood 229-5141
Eastern Orthodox Olga Grant 250-6000
Hindu Chandreyi Basu 229-5181
Agape Christian Club Jamie Sinclair 528-1614
Jewish Joan Larsen 229-5473
Mormon Karl McKnight 229-5147
Muslim TBA 229-5141
Progressive Christian Rev. Shaun Whitehead 229-5062
Quaker Laura Rediehs 229-5457
Roman Catholic Amanda Conklin 386-2543
Roman Catholic Fr. Bryan Stitt 386-2543

If you have any questions about a particular faith tradition, please feel free to contact the advisor.