CentreSuite - Approving an M&T Expense Report

  • Approvers will receive an email from CentreSuite.com that a travel expense report has been submitted for their approval.  They may click the link provided to CentreSuite and log on with their user ID and password.
  • Expense reports to be approved will be displayed by clicking Expenses then Manage Expense Reports.  Click on the magnifying glass under Detail to review the transactions.
  • The detail for each transaction and codes to be charged will be displayed.  Approvers may drill down to review more detail on each line, reject the report, approve the report, etc. as indicated by selecting the various options.
  • After selecting Approve and Close, the following box will be displayed and approvers must select Approve and Close again.
  • The employee will receive an email that their expense report has been approved.