Contracts Approval Authority

A contract is an agreement that obligates the university in any way. For any contract other than a purchase order, approval authority has been delegated by the Board of Trustees as outlined below. Approval of purchase orders is governed by the University's Purchasing Policy.The President and Vice President of Finance have the legal authority to execute all contracts and leases on behalf of the university. Other authority, by amount and area of responsibility, have been delegated as follows.

Facilities Operations Contracts up to $100,000
Director of Facilities Operations and Construction Planning

Student Entertainment Contracts up to $5,000
Director of Student Activities

All Other Contracts up to $25,000
Director of Contracts, Compliance & Risk Management (Theresa Simoni X5913)

All Contracts:
Vice President for Finance & Treasurer

No other employees at St. Lawrence University are authorized to sign contracts that commit financial resources on behalf of St. Lawrence University.