What is Stalking?

Stalking: A course of conduct directed at a specific person that would cause a reasonable person to feel fear (-Stalking Resource Center)

Unlike other crimes, stalking is a series of actions that, when taken individually, may be perfectly legal.

Types of stalkers:

  • Erotomania
    • Hold a delusional belief that they are loved by their target - usually a well-known person
  • Love Obsession
    • No previous personal relationship
    • Want to live out their fantasy with the target
  • Simple Obsession
    • Previous or current intimate partner
    • Rejection often triggers this form of stalking
    • Turn to threats and violence as means of power & control

What are the behaviors of a stalker?

  • Calling repeatedly
  • Voice/Text messages
  • Waiting outside of residence hall
  • Waiting outside of work
  • Following target
  • Sending letters (traditional mail or electronic)
  • Sending gifts
  • Instant messaging someone
  • Using AIM or social networking to learn about target
  • Taking pictures of target
  • Befriending target's friends

Why do people stalk?

  • Rejection
  • Obsession
  • Power and Control
  • Sexual Gratification (voyeurism)
  • Planning to commit a crime (rapists)
  • Because they can