AWARE Project

Under the leadership of Jessica Parrillo and Margaret Kent Bass, St. Lawrence University pooled their resources to apply for a grant with the Department of Justice Office on Violence Against Women. Their efforts were rewarded in August 2005 with the awarding of the Advocating Widespread Awareness and Rape-prevention Education (AWARE) Project Grant No. 2005-WA-AX-0022. The AWARE Project is manifested on campus as the Advocates Program, directed by Katie Protos and comprised of faculty, staff, and student volunteers..

The Advocates Program is an inclusive campus-wide effort aimed at education and outreach, community coordination, prevention, and advocacy about sexual assault, relationship violence, and stalking. We are dedicated to creating safe spaces in St. Lawrence University and the surrounding communities for survivors of all genders, sexual orientations, classes, races, and religions. The Advocates Program seeks to increase awareness about the resources that are available to students who are connected to sexual violence as survivors or loved ones of survivors, as well as to increase awareness about methods of intervention to help prevent acts of sexual violence through challenging the norms that allow sexual violence to continue and pressuring the perpetrators to be held accountable for their actions. Our message focuses on working with men to challenge their peers and to be role models for others. We work to raise awareness about the devaluation of women through language, media, and policy.