The Sophomore Year

Sophomore year is a pivotal year in your college career, as you develop your academic focus; deepen your engagement with campus, local, and global communities; and explore new and longstanding curricular and co-curricular interests.

It is also the year to declare your major. The first step is to discuss, with your initial academic advisor, your selected major and to identify a faculty member who can serve as your major advisor. Choose an academic advisor with whom you have a strong connection and cultivate a relationship of openness and trust, so that your advisor can answer your questions and help you see possibilities in your development you may not be fully aware of. You must declare your major by February of your sophomore year.

Some important academic objectives in your second year:

• Review the St. Lawrence University curriculum, making sure you are making appropriate progress toward fulfilling general education requirements and preparing for your intended major, and that you are fully aware of important policies and procedures

• Consider taking a sophomore seminar and participating in one or more of the SLU programs designed to help you reflect on who you are as a person, where you are in your intellectual development, and what you want to get out of the rest of your college career

• As you are deciding on your major, reflect on the kind of advising relationship you wish to have, which should inform which professor you ask to be your major advisor

• Explore options for off-campus study, community-based learning, volunteering, and student organizations, which will help expand your sense of community

• Engage with Career Services, Career Connections, and other offices and programs that will help you figure out how to employ your skills and knowledge in independent research and workplace situations

See the website of the Sophomore Success Initiative for news and information relevant to sophomores.