Pre-Medical, Dental and Veterinary

Undergraduate programs of study at St. Lawrence can prepare students for professional training in medicine, dentistry, optometry, podiatry, nursing, physical therapy and veterinary medicine. Arrangements may be made to enter an accredited health professional school upon the completion of 24 course units at St. Lawrence. In these cases, - St. Lawrence University will award the bachelor's degree upon graduation from the professional school and on further condition that all distribution requirements prescribed by the University have also been fulfilled. Medical, dental and veterinary medical schools, however, are increasingly advising students to complete the four-year college courses before beginning their professional training.

The courses required by most medical and dental schools are:

  • General biology (Biology 101, 102)
  • General chemistry (Chemistry 103, 104 or 105)
  • Organic chemistry (Chemistry 221, 222)
  • Biochemistry (BIOCHEM 309)
  • English (two courses)
  • Math (two courses)
  • College physics (Physics 103, 104 or 151, 152)

These courses should be completed before the student takes the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) or the Dental Admission Test (DAT).

You should also consult the Pre-Med Primer developed by Biology Department faculty.

In addition, a number of medical schools require a semester of biochemistry (without lab), general psychology (PSYC 101) and require or recommend one or two semesters of mathematics, with some schools requiring calculus. Most veterinary schools require biochemistry and microbiology in addition to the requirements listed for medical and dental schools.

For students interested in medical school, St. Lawrence has an Early Assurance Program with the College of Medicine of the SUNY Upstate Medical University at Syracuse. With this program, sophomores may be eligible for a guaranteed admission into medical school after the completion of their senior year.

For students interested in dental school, an Early Assurance Program at the SUNY Buffalo School of Dentistry is available. In this program, sophomores may be eligible for a guaranteed admission into this dental school after completion of their senior year.

For students interested in nursing, physical therapy, physician assistant programs or pharmacy, St. Lawrence has articulation agreements with the NYU Nursing Program (see below) and the Clarkson University Physical Therapy and Physician Assistant Programs and the SUNY Buffalo School of Pharmacy.

Students interested in health careers should also use their time at St. Lawrence to gain as much in-depth experience as possible in the humanities and social sciences. For further advice, consult the department of biology or chemistry or any member of the health careers committee.


The Rural Medicine Program

The articulation agreement between St. Lawrence University and SUNY Upstate Medical University (College of Medicine) is a pre-college matriculation early assurance program for students interested in rural medicine. The agreement allows for students accepted into the program to have a place at Upstate Medical University waiting for them after they complete four years at SLU.

Nursing Program

St. Lawrence University and New York University's College of Nursing have an agreement to expedite St. Lawrence students' entrance into NYU's nursing programs for a second bachelor's degree and a master's degree. For more information, follow this link .