How many courses should I take each semester?

To make appropriate progress toward graduation, students should take four courses per semester. Students must take 33.5 units in total to graduate. A normal courseload is 4 to 4.5 units in a semester.

The minimum course load to be considered a full-time student is 3.5 units; taking fewer than 3.5 units may endanger a student's financial aid and will make a student ineligible for NCAA athletic competition. However, a student who takes only 3.5 units per semester will fail to make adequate progress toward degree completion, which may endanger financial aid and athletic competition eligiblity.

Full-time students in good academic standing and making normal progress toward their degree may register for up to 5.75 units without additional tuition charges. An overload consists of five or six courses totaling more than 4.75 units, or more than six courses of any unit value. First-year students may not take a course overload. A student may not register for an overload course until the add/drop period at the beginning of the semester, and must do so by submitting a course overload form.