Holds on Student Registration

During their time at St. Lawrence, students will find a hold has been placed on their next semester’s registration in the APR (Academic Planning and Registration) site. Holds are placed to ensure that a student takes a particular action. Holds are of three types:

Advisor Holds

Each student’s registration each semester begins with an Advisor Hold. A student cannot submit course requests for registration until this hold has been lifted her or his academic advisor. This hold ensures that each student speaks to the advisor about his or her academic plan.

Dean’s Holds

These occur infrequently, and are always connected with the need for a student to take a particular action. The most common reason for a Dean’s Hold is a sophomore student’s failure to declare a major by the time of registration for the fall semester of the junior year. These holds are also assigned when a student has not arranged a new advisor or has received two Inadequate Writing Competency (IWC) notations and has not contacted the Director of Munro WORD Studio. For most Dean’s Holds, students should contact the Associate Dean for Academic Advising Programs, Whitman Annex, 315-229-5964. 

Financial Holds

Students with delinquent student account balances are not allowed to register for classes or be housed for future semesters. In October, the Student Financial Services staff will run the hold program to update financial holds on student accounts. Although the Fall semester payment is due August 15, time is given to students and families to process all of the required paperwork to satisfy the account balance.

Students on Financial Hold should contact the Student Financial Services Office for assistance during the registration process. Some students are able to resolve their problem by signing a promissory note or completing other paperwork. Some students need to contact their parents to satisfy their obligations. Some students will just begin the loan application process to satisfy balances. And some students are unable to resolve their balances in order to register in a timely way.