Academic Integrity

The university expects that all students will be held to the highest level of academic integrity. The university's standards for academic integrity are outlined in the Constitution of the Academic Honor Council for which the full text is available in both the Student Handbook and the Faculty Handbook. As stated in the Constitution,

"instructors have the duty to investigate any instance involving possible academic dishonesty and must present evidence of academic dishonesty to the Academic Honor Council rather than make private arrangements with the student involved."

Instructors must submit evidence of academic dishonesty in a timely manner to the Academic Dean's Office which will then forward the material to the student chair of the Academic Honor Council. A letter will then be sent to the student and the advisor notifying them of the allegation of academic dishonesty as well as the date and time when a hearing will be held. Following the hearing, a letter will be sent to the student and advisor notifying them of the outcome of the case as well as any penalty imposed if applicable. Advisors should work with students to address how any penalty imposed will affect the student's long-term academic plans. Questions regarding issues of academic dishonesty or the Academic Honor Council should be directed to Evelyn Jennings, Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs, 315-229-5388.