Student FAQ | St. Lawrence University WORD Studio

Student FAQ

Do I need to make an appointment?
Typically yes. Please do so using the red button on this site.  If you come in without an appointment, we will make an appointment for you on the spot--based on tutor availability. 

If you don’t proofread, what is it that you do?
We work to improve the overall structure and organization of your argument, your use of sources, and make you a better overall writer and communicator. We will also help you with grammar and punctuation problems when we notice a pattern of them; however, we do not simply “proofread” by fixing everything for you—if we did, you might not learn to find and correct these problems yourself.

What if I don’t have a thesis or have anything written at all?
We’ll help! We are excellent at helping you to brainstorm ideas and to form those ideas into a thesis and outline.

Isn’t the WORD Studio just for first-years?
No, all writers and speakers benefit from getting feedback from others. All scholars and professional authors—even your professors!—have had their work read and critiqued by many other people.

Can you help me with my PowerPoint or my oral presentation?
We can give you feedback on the content and delivery of your speeches, as well as on the content, organization, and layout of PowerPoint presentations. While you can simply sit at a table or at a computer with a tutor to go over the content of presentations, you can also get feedback on your delivery. Our presentation rehearsal room allows you to record your speech or presentation. We can review the recording afterwards, or you can take a a virtual copy to review by yourself.

Will I be able to get a tutor who has taken my class before?
Not necessarily the same class, though since our tutors come from a wide range of majors, you may be able to make an appointment with someone with background in the subject. Remember also that all SLU students take courses from a variety of disciplines, and that good writing and communication is similar in all subjects, so even a tutor who hasn’t taken a specific course can give you good feedback.

This paper is pretty technical (scientifically). Can you still help?
Yes, but you might also benefit from visiting the Science Writing Center located in Launders Library.

Will my professor think I’m a bad student if I come here?
No, they appreciate the extra effort that you have put into your work. Some professors have admitted that when they are stuck between two grades for an assignment, evidence of a WORD visit has bumped the student to the higher grade.

My professor is requiring me to come for a visit, but I don’t have time to do it. Can I just have a record sheet signed?
No. We will be happy to sit down and have a conference with you, though. In thirty minutes, we will concentrate on the one or two biggest questions you have about your work so as to make the time you’re spending with us worthwhile.

Can I borrow a Hacker/MLA guide/dictionary? Do you have a handout for ____?
We have many resources we want you take advantage of. Our handouts are always free and available; however, if you want to borrow a book, we will just ask you to leave your ID with us.

Can we just look at my paper off my laptop?
Although we can read the paper off your laptop, typically we prefer a hard copy.

How do I get a job here?
Please contact our Director, Lucia Pawlowski ( Tutors are required to take a one-credit course, Rhetoric and Communication for Peer Mentors, and obtain a faculty recommendation prior to working at the WORD Studio.