Tips for Revision | St. Lawrence University WORD Studio

Tips for Revision

* Prioritizing your changes will help you revise more efficiently. Use the following questions to help you prioritize and revise. Also use any comments you have received on your paper.

Higher Order Concerns

Introduction: Is my thesis clearly stated and does it encompass all of my main points?
Do I catch my audience's attention as well as provide necessary background to my topic?

Organization: Can I create an outline of my paper's argument easily?
Are my paragraphs organized correctly with a topic sentenceand one main idea?
Does each paragraph flow into the other well?
Are my transitions present and efficient?
Is my evidence relevant to my main points?
Is there enough or too much?

Conclusion: Does my entire paper flow well into the conclusion?
Does my conclusion close my argument as well as accomplish something more (provide a broader context, advise some action, end with a bang or twist)?

Lower Order Concerns

Do I use the correct format for the citation style?
Are my citations correct and complete?
Is the tone appropriate for my audience?

Do I use the correct punctuation and spelling?
Are my word choices and verb tenses consistent and appropriate?
Do I use variety in my sentence and paragraph structure?