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AAA Citing Sources in Your Text

The basic in-text citation is a parenthetical reference including the year and page number of the source. The page number or page range is separated from the year with a colon, no spaces. Include the author's name if it is not clear from the text whose work you are citing.

Stoller (1989:34) argues for a "tasteful" ethnographic practice.

The play created a sense of cultural citizenship (Rosaldo 1999:12-14).

Dodson suggests that "the main issue facing the cafd is a public concern for the health effects of caffeine" (2004:109).

When more than one work by a single author is cited in a paper, distinguish them with letters:

This is a strong position against what Benjamin (1968b: 10) calls "historicism".

When referring to a general argument or approach, it is acceptable to omit page numbers and cite an entire book or article:

The overall effect of the crowd control at the county fair was very similar to the concept of "discipline" in Foucault (1984).

References Cited

Following the last page of the body of the paper, begin a new page with "References Cited" centered at the top. Alphabetize all cited sources by the author's last name. The author's name is on a line by itself. The citation begins, indented, on a new line. All lines after the first of the citation should be indented as well:

Benjamin, Walter 1968 Theses on the Writing of History. In Illuminations. Hannah Arendt, ed. Pp. 101-138. New York: Schocken Books.

Titles do not appear in quotation marks or italics in the references list.
Pay attention to the use of italics in citing a chapter in a book or a review.
There is no period after the author's name or the date.
Pages follow the citation for an article, but precede the place for a chapter in a book.
Journal articles are identified by issue volume(number):pages
Reviews in journals use In, but ordinary articles do not.
Multi-author books that are referenced as a whole may be cited by their editor.
Be sure to use an en dash not a hyphen when listing page numbers. (use -, not -)

Last Name, First Name Year Title. Place: Publisher.
Example: Castles, Stephen 1990 Here for Good. London: Pluto Press.

Last Name, First Name Year Article Title. Journal Title Volume(Issue):Pages.
Example: Moll, Luis C. 2000 Writing as Communication: Creating Strategic Learning Environments for Students. Theo17 into Practice 25(3):202-208.