Myths about the WORD Studio | St. Lawrence University WORD Studio

Myths about the WORD Studio

Sometimes people misunderstand what the Writing Center and our tutors are here for. Read through the following misconceptions and find out more about all the good things we do do.

MYTH #1: "Tutors rewrite your papers for you."
TRUTH: Tutors help you figure out ways to rewrite your own paper; tutors never write or rewrite papers for you.

MYTH #2: "You can drop your paper off and someone will edit it."
TRUTH: The WORD Studio works through interactive peer tutorials; you must be present to have a conversation about your paper. We will not accept or work on dropped-off papers.

MYTH #3: "The WORD Studio is a place to get your paper proofread. "
TRUTH: Tutors are not proofreaders who look through a paper for grammar mistakes and typos. Instead, tutors want to help you focus on your ideas: thesis, organization, development, and support. While academic writing should follow standards of grammar and punctuation, grammar is often the last thing to worry about; it's better to have your ideas and argument sound first, then look at how your sentences are structured. When there is sufficient time during a tutorial, tutors will help you look over these sentence-level concerns after you've discussed the bigger picture of the paper. The WORD Studio can provide you with reference books and handouts for review of grammar and other problems. The Writing Center website also offers many handouts on writing that you can download when you're working on a paper somewhere else.

MYTH #4: "Only first-year students can use the WORD Studio "
First-year students learn about the Writing Center from their first day on campus, when they meet their FYP mentor, and they may visit the WORD Studio when they cannot meet with their mentor. However, the WORD Studio is for all students working on any kind of assignment--from an FYS research paper to a senior thesis.

MYTH #5: "Only poor writers need to use the WORD Studio"
All writers need readers and feedback--ask your professors or anyone who makes a living writing. The WORD Studio is not a remedial place or a service only for struggling writers; anyone can (and should!) bring in writing to see how an audience reacts to it. In fact, our tutors (all of whom are excellent writers) have been known to be tutees, too, bringing their essays into tutorials with each other for help and feedback.

MYTH #6: "All the tutors are English majors."
TRUTH: The WORD Studio is proud to have a staff of tutors from many different majors, including Government, Sociology, Psychology, Economics, History, Fine Arts, Biology, and Math. Having tutors from many majors emphasizes the fact that writing is important in all classes and that good writing is much the same across the disciplines. Tutors must also be directly recommended by faculty and be exceptional both in writing and in interpersonal communication.