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Links to Writing Center Scholarships

A working list of resources for scholarship on and discussion about writing centers.

professional organizations:

IWCA (the International Writing Centers Association)

NCPTW (the National Conference on Peer Tutoring in Writing)

formal peer-reviewed academic journals:

Writing Center Journal (WCJ) (full-text articles available on JSTOR via your SLU access)

Praxis: A Writing Center Journal (full archive available online)

The Peer Review (full archive available online)

WLN: A Journal of Writing Center Scholarship (full archive available online)

Journal of Response to Writing (full-text articles available online)

writing center blogs and newsletters:

The Dangling Modifier (a blog-like newsletter for peer tutors)

Peer Centered (a blog for peer tutors)

Another Word (a blog from the University of Wisconsin’s writing center)

UCWbLING (a blog from DePaul University’s University Center for Writing-based Learning)

Miscellaneous Resources:

CompPile (a searchable index of published scholarship on writing)

see the list of writing center resources maintained by the WC at North Dakota State University

check out the archives of the wcenter listserv (a high-traffic members-only email list for WC directors; publicly searchable archive online

the Purdue OWL hosts information about the Writing Centers Research Project Survey