Mission Statement | St. Lawrence University WORD Studio

Mission Statement

If you have never been to the WORD Studio, you're probably curious about what we do and how we can help you. Look no further! Here you can find a lot of helpful information on our services, what goes on during a tutorial, and what doesn't.

What We Do: Our Mission Statement
The WORD Studio provides students with opportunities to discuss writing, oral presentations, research, and multimedia projects with peers trained in theories and pedagogy of rhetoric and communication and in the practice of tutoring. The mission of the WORD Studio builds on the university’s commitment to helping students become intentional, creative, and responsible communicators.

Our tutors are undergraduate students who are strong writers, speakers, and scholars. Tutors are trained to respond to your work thoughtfully and clearly communicate their constructive comments. Our tutors do not write papers or compose presentations for you, nor are they editors, proofreaders, or evaluators. Instead, when you actively participate in a tutorial, you will strengthen your skills in analysis, critical thinking, argumentation, organization, and style, along with your use of scholarly sources and citations.

No matter what your major, your year in school, or your assignment, you can benefit from discussing papers, presentations, and research and visual projects with a responsive peer.

Myths about the WORD Studio