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SLU Buddies

SLU Buddies has a focus of building a one-on-one relationship with children at a local elementary or middle school. SLU student should act as a role-model, mentor and older brother/sister to their little buddy, giving advice, helping with homework, playing games and, if possible, relaying a special skill or talent. Often times little buddies are recommended by their teachers in the program due to the need of a little extra guidance and moral support. In other instances, little buddies freely decide to participate in the program.

  • This program stresses a weekly MANDATORY participation
  • No prior volunteering is necessary
  • Preference to a male/female little buddy is adhered to within the best of leadership capabilities
  • Due to the position the SLU student holds, information the little buddy confides should be kept confidential unless such information should be told to the guidance counselor and/or a higher authority
  • Depending on the program leader, partners can do one of the activities offered or an activity of their choosing such as:
    • arts and crafts
    • board games
    • playing outside
    • talking
  • Activities are very open ended and all supplies can be provided

If certain supplies, such as for crafts, are needed, volunteer services can direct buddies to where the supplies are kept.

This organization volunteers in several schools each year. Schools they have worked with include:

Canton Elementary, Brasher Falls, Heuvelton, Ogdensburg

Check out a story from one of our own SLU Buddies, Elizabeth Bastien '15 by clicking here.