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Male Athletes Against Sexual Violence

The Male Athletes Against Sexual Violence (MAASV) was founded in 2007 by a group of student-athletes concerned about the levels of dating violence and sexual assault on our campus. Today, MAASV is a thriving organization--part of a worldwide movement of  

Safe Walks

MAASV recognizes the need for all people to feel safe and free of harm, both day and night. For this reason, MAASV members volunteer their nights every weekend during the semester to provide Safe Walks to and from campus and downtown locations (e.g. Tick-Tock, Hoot Owl, restaurants). 

To request a Safe Walk Fri-Sat 8pm-2am, simply call (315) xxx- xxxx. If you ever forget, the number is on the back of your SLU Id card! Male and female MAASV members will be standing by to accompany you on your way. Safe Walk escorts are also trained in diffusing difficult situations, so you can trust that you will get where you need to go safely.


Join us.

MAASV currently meets on Tuesdays at 8 pm in Carnegie 112. Our meetings provide a safe and welcoming setting to discuss masculinity, strength, men and women, sex, and violence prevention. We also explore what it means to be male and an athlete in today's society. We always have new people who hear about the great things we do from a teammate or friend, and come to check it out for themselves. Our members are men and women, athletes and non-athletes alike. Everyone is welcome to join us in our effort, and we hope you do too.