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Food Justice

Mission: Working to promote local, organic, and special diet friendly food on campus and serving as a resource for members of the campus community on food ethics and responsibility.

Description: Students interested in coming together to discuss and promote food-related awareness, including food ethics, the social/environmental impact of our food as well as health and food choice.

History: Food Justice Club was started in spring of 2013 by students looking for a place to talk about their desire for healthy wholesome food on campus. Our University has a strong collective of environmentally focused student groups working to inspire the student body and make positive change on campus. Many of these organizations touch upon food related issues, and Food Justice was created to unify the conversation and effect more proactive change on campus and within the community.

Activities: We host food week biannually, which includes a panel of speakers, film showings, and challenges for students interested in exploring their food choice. We also introduce students to the local food culture through regular work days and tours on local farms and gardens. As a club, we strive to encourage conversation between the student body and dining services to provide more local and wholesome food on campus that students can be proud of.  

Community Partnership: Food Justice works closely with dining services, as well as local food justice and production organizations including Garden Share and North Country Grown Cooperative to establish a connection between the student body and local food initiatives