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Club SLU

Club SLU is a program that allows for a variety of organizational methods. The main focus is to offer activities, friendships and opportunities that are not normally available to students in the local community due to a decrease in budget cuts and lack of afterschool programs.

• Participation can be one time or every week
• SLU students have the responsibility to act in a dignified manner at all times as a role-model for the younger students
• Range of activities are open and supplies can be provided

If a SLU student has a particular hobby or passion, this program would be a great opportunity to teach younger students. For example, a SLU student that was passionate about music and playing the guitar went to the Middle School with his guitar and played for them. All the students that were interested sang and learned about guitar with him.

*Club SLU is an offshoot to that of SLU Buddies that focuses on middle school children and does not focus on the one-on-one mentorship that SLU Buddies has.