Website Resources - Event

1. Select a location from the on Campus Location pull down menu and then add the room name/number in the field underneath, for an on-campus event. For an Off-Campus Location, click on the tab and enter the address

2. You must select a start and end date and time. If you want an event to be all day, select that option.

3. If you would like the event to repeat, check the Repeat box and fill out the extra information.

4. Add details about the event in the Body section.

5. If you do NOT want the event to appear on the main campus calendar, check the box under Calendar.

6. If you have a block on your landing page for Events, any events you create will appear there.

7. Any department that creates events will have an events calendar created for them automatically. It can be found (and linked to) at department-name/events.

8. All events, unless they are tagged not to, will appear automatically on the main campus calendar.