Website Resources - Creating Links

We have made it much easier to link from one piece of content to another within the boundaries of the new site. When you select the text you want to create a link from and click on the Link icon in the editor, one option you now have is called Internal Path. In there you can do one of two things.

  1. Copy and Paste – You can link to another page on the site by copying and pasting the information after the of the address into the field. So the URL you would insert would be department-name/page-title.
  2. Navigate to Content – In that same box, if you know the title of the page you want to link to, you can start typing the title and the system will autofill all options available on the site, and then you just have to select the one you want. This is not fool-proof, as all you see is the title of the page and there might be multiple pages with the same title, but if you know the exact name of the content you want to link to, this can be a great shortcut.

To create a link to a page that is NOT located on the main SLU site:

  1. Select URL from the Link Type pull down menu.
  2. Select http:// from the Protocol pull down menu
  3. Type or paste in the URL.