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Explore The Campus and The North Country
Ok, you really have to be here to understand how beautful it is on campus and in the North Country.

Our campus sits on 1,000 acres, with buildings and facilities at the center. Surrounding campus is a nature area (woods, fields and a little river called the Little River) for science research and recreation and an 18-hole golf course. It's an ideal location for living and learning.

So come visit! We'd love to have you enjoy the aromas of our famous giant chocolate chip cookies baking in the dining hall ovens, or hear the cheers of the crowds as our teams win another game or feel the late afternoon sun as you walk to Brewer Bookstore for a good read, a good cappuccino and good conversation.

In the meantime, enjoy the links below. The Virtual Campus Tour showcases a number of University landscapes and interior spaces with unique 360-degree panoramic views. The Interactive Campus Map allows you to explore the campus accompanied by our tour guides offering audio descriptions of the buildings. Also, watch our new aerial video of the North Country and Campus.
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