Transcript Notation Appeal Policy | St. Lawrence University Title IX

Transcript Notation Appeal Policy

Transcript Notation for Certain Offenses – Transcript Notation Process.  As required by New York Education Law Article 129B all colleges and universities in New York are required to denote certain conduct outcomes on academic transcripts of students found in to have engaged in conduct that constitutes crimes of violence (including but not limited to sexual assault) as defined in the Clery Act.  Required transcript notations, as appropriate to the circumstances, are:

  • “Expelled after a finding of responsibility for a code of conduct violation”
  • “Suspended after a finding of responsibility for a code of conduct violation”
  • “Withdrew with conduct charges pending”

Suspension and expulsion transcript notations are applied at the conclusion of the conduct proceedings and appeals processes.  If a student withdraws with charges pending, but conduct proceedings are nonetheless completed, any final transcript notation will be based on the outcome of those proceedings.  (Pending completion of those proceedings, the transcript will carry the above withdrawal notation.)

By law, expulsion notations are not subject to removal.

Transcript notations for a student suspended are required by law to remain on the transcript for a period of at least one year following completion of the suspension.  By University policy, a withdrawal notation will remain on a transcript for at least one year following the withdrawal. 

Subject to these minimum periods, a student may request to have a suspension/withdrawal transcript notation removed by submitting a petition in writing to the Title IX Coordinator, who will share the request with the Deans of Academic Affairs and Student Life.  The Deans will make all decisions about notation removal.

A petition will not be considered if filed before the expiration of the minimum one year periods noted above.

The petition shall include: 

  • A statement describing the incident and what was learned over the time away from the institution; and
  • The rationale for removal of the notation;
  • Documentation of successful completion of any terms imposed in the underlying conduct proceeding (e.g.,  completion of  required or recommended in/out patient program, therapy or educational programming, etc.)

Petitions will be reviewed and a decision will be provided by the Deans in writing, generally within thirty days of submission.  The Deans and/or the Title IX Coordinator may request additional information from the student.  Decisions regarding the removal of transcript notations are within the discretion of the Deans.  

If the Deans decide against removing a notation, the student may submit subsequent petitions seeking removal  every five years since the Deans’ initial determination.  These petitions will be made with the same process as the first petition and include updated information about the student’s experience since the earlier petition(s).  

Note on Withdrawal Prior to Conduct Case Adjudication
A student who withdraws from the institution prior to an outcome of a pending conduct case should understand that the investigation and proceeding may continue , with or without their participation.  Withdrawal from the institution will not protect a student from completion of disciplinary processes and possible sanctions.  The final transcript notation, if any, will be based upon the final outcome of any proceeding.

Drafted by faculty and staff representatives of the Academic Standing Committee and the 2015-2016 Review Board. Endorsed by Faculty Council.