Responsible Employees | St. Lawrence University Title IX

Responsible Employees

The following employees have been designated as "responsible employees" for the purposes of Title IX compliance. They have an obligation to report to the University if they hear about or are told of a sexual assault. They also can direct students to appropriate resources. Any other employee at St. Lawrence whose name is not cited below is not considered a Responsible Employee.

Listed by institutional division:

Academic Affairs
Sara Ashpole, Environmental Studies
Colleen Coakley, Coordinator of Academic Development
Erin Colvin, Assistant Director of HEOP
Bianca Eche, Global Gateways
Geoffrey Falen, Director of Career Connections
Devin Farkas, Assistant Director, Outdoor Program
Elun Gabriel, Associate Dean of Academic Advising
Sharmela Garcia-Martin, Director of Disability and Accessibility Services
Sarah Barber, Associate Dean of the First Year
Evelyn JenningsAssociate Dean of Faculty Affairs
Karen Smith, Director of Off-Campus Programs
Marina Llorente, Associate Dean of International and Intercultural Education
Lorie MacKenzie, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs and University Registrar
Kevin MacKenzie, Associate Registrar
Matt McCluskey, Coordintor of Academic Engagement
Brenda Papineau, Director of Community Partnerships
Phil Royce, Director of the Outdoor Program
Marsha Sawyer, Director of CSTEP & McNair Programs
Karl Schonberg, Vice President & Dean of Academic Affairs
Bill Short, HEOP Director
Cathy Shrady, Director of Outdoor Studies
Beth Slater, Executive Director, NYC Internships
Tina Tao, Coordinator of Academic Development
CSTEP Counselor TBD

Admissions and Financial Aid
Florence Hines, VP and Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid
Laurel Brooks, Assistant Director of Admissions
Patricia Farmer, Executive Director of Financial Aid
Chris Felix, Assistant Director of Admissions
Jeremy Freeman, Executive Director of Admissions
Megan Fry, Assistant Director of Admissions
Raychon Gillis, Assistant Director of Admissions
Carole Jenne, Associate Director of Financial Aid
Mary Kelley, Asociate Director of Admissions
Meghan O'Brien, Senior Assistant Director of Admissions
Mark Phalen, Director of Admissions Information Systems

Thomas Pynchon, Vice President for University Advancement
Kimberly Hissong, Associate VP, Advancement
Joe Keniston, Director of Laurentian Engagement
John Pezdek, Associate Director of Parent Leadership & Major Gifts
Teresa Pezdek, Director of Prospect Research
D. Kurt Terrell, Director of Planned Gifts

Bob Durocher, Director of Athletics and Recreation
Chris Abplanalp, Head Men's Squash Coach
Franco Bari, Associate Director of Athletics
Bill Bascom, Coach
Spencer Beaulieu, Graduate Assistant Coach, Swimming
Keith Bruno, Assistant Football Coach
Cheryl Canfield, Specialist in Athletics
Neil Caniga, Head Tennis Coach
Bob Clemmer, Head Men's & Women's Swimming & Diving Coach
Hannah Corkery Collins, Head Women's Lacrosse Coach
Mary Kate Curran, Head Women's Cross Country and Track and Field Coach
Matt Deschamp, Assistant Coach, Men's Hockey
Chris Downs, Head Men's Basketball Coach

Mary Drueding, Head Equestrian Coach
Robin Durocher, Fitness Center Director
Mike Elberty, Strength & Conditioning Coach
Jacob Fredericks, Assistant Coach Men's & Women's Track & Field
Meghan Gibson, Assistant Sports Information Director, Publications and Records
Fran Grembowicz, Head Field Hockey Coach/Assistant Athletic Director
Peter Hoy, Head Baseball Coach
Nick Hughes, Director of Rowing, Head Women's Rowing Coach
Mike Hurlbut, Associate Head Coach, Men's Hockey
Greg Kreitzer, Head Women's Tennis Coach
Randy LaBrake, Associate Director of Athletics
Mary Lawrence, Head Men's & Women's Golf Coach
Mare MacDougall, Assistant Coach, Women's Ice Hockey
Mike Mahoney, Head Men's Lacrosse Coach
Mark Morris, Head Men's Hockey Coach
John Newman, Head Men's Cross Country and Track and Field Coach
Daniel Puckhaber, Head Football Coach
George Repicky, Head Men's Rowing Coach
Dan Roiger, Head Women's Basketball Coach
Shelly Roiger, Head Volleyball Coach
Beth Spadaccini, Assistant Director of Athletic Media Relations
Willi Steinrotter, Head Alpine Skiing Coach
Cheryl Stuntz, Faculty Athletics Representative
Aaron Todd, Assistant Director of Athletics for Communications and Marketing
Michael Toshack, Head Men's Soccer Coach / Assistant AD
Ethan Townsend, Head Men's and Women's Nordic Skiing Coach
Scott Vallone, Assistant Football Coach
Elisa VanKirk, Head Softball Coach
Chris Wells, Head Women's Ice Hockey Coach
Ted Wisner, Associate Head Women's Hockey Coach

Community and Employee Relations
Lisa Cania, Vice President for Community and Employee Relations, Title IX Coordinator
Colleen Manley, Director of Human Resources for Employee and Labor Relations
Debra Mousaw, Director of Human Resources for Employee Benefits

Paul Redfern, VP for Communications
Ryan Deuel, Director of Media Relations
Deborah Dudley, Senior Writer & Editor
Tara Freeman, Director of Visual Communications
Meg Keniston,  Director of Marketing
Ed Lemire, Director of Creative Services
Mark Mende, Director of Web Services

Facilities Operations
Dan Seaman, Chief Facilities Officer
Robert Hance, Associate Director
James Kozsan, Assistant Director
Melissa Miller, Assistant Director
Joseph Prashaw, Capital Projects Manager 
Marcus Sherburne, Assistant Director
Ryan Strate, Facilities Manager
Bruce Streeter, Facilities Manager

Steve Hietsch, VP for Finance and Administration
Mary Cosmo, Senior Controller
Phillip Elvy, Director of Student Financial Services
Cody Witherell, Assistant Director of Student Financial Services
Nick Ormasen, Director of Contracts

Libraries and Information Technology
Valerie Lehr, Special Assistant to the President for Libraries and Information Technology
Mitchell Bresset-McCormick
Carol Cady, GIS Specialist/Map Librarian
Rhonda Courtney, Public Services Librarian Help Desk/Public Services
Gwendolyn Cunningham, Science Librarian
Grant Currie, Manager Educational Technology
Paul Doty, Public Services Librarian
Michelle Gillie, Collection Development and Acquisitions Librarian
Steve Millington, Student Services Coordinator
Nick Ormasen, Manager of Office Services
Jamie Richardson, Manager of User Services
James Mattice, Director of Network Technologies
Rene Thatcher, Director of Client Services and Educational Technologies
Rhett Thatcher, Manager of Server Technology
Eric Williams-Bergen, Director of Digital Initiatives
Arline Wolfe, Arts Metadata Tech & Music Library Supervisor

President's Office
William Fox, President
Dayle Burgess, Assistant to the President

Student Life
Joseph Tolliver, Vice President and Dean of Student Life
Ron Albertson, Director of Career Services
Dave Geleta, Acting Director of Dining and Conference Services
Joshua Burke, Safety & Security Officer
Kelly Canary, Safety & Security Officer
Todd Castagnier, Safety & Security Officer
Roxanne Cliff, Assistant Director, Safety & Security
Sara Coburn, Associate Director of Career Services
Jason Coleman, Safety & Security Dispatcher
Crysta Corbett, Safety & Security Tech Coordinator
Maverick Cummings, Residential Coordinator
Rance Davis, Associate Dean of Student Life
Tiara Davis, Assistant Director of Career Services, Student Development
Ashlee Downing, Associate Director of Student Activities
Steve Dow, Safety & Security Dispatcher
Kimberly Flint-Hamilton, Associate Dean for Diversity & Inclusion
Tonia Friot, Transportation Coordinator, Safety & Security
Patrick Gagnon, Assistant Vice President, Safety & Security and Emergency Management and Deputy Title IX Coordinator
Timothy Gilbert, Assistant Manager, Dining and Conference Services/Canaras Manager
Derek Gordon, Safety & Security Dispatcher
Michelle Gould, Assistant Director of Career Services
Susan Johnson, Assistant to the Associate Vice President for Safety & Security and Emergency Management
Jeff Kirkey, Assistant Manager, Dining and Conference Services
Stacie LaPierre, Senior Associate Director of Residence Life
Beth Larrabee, Associate Director of Career Services
Laura Lavoie, Associate Director of Student Activities
Melanie Locy, Safety & Security Officer
Kc Marchione, Manager, Dining and Conference Services
Chris Marquart, Assistant Dean of Student Life and Director of Residence Life
John Robert O'Connor, Director of Student Activities and Deputy Title IX Coordinator 
Kathy Putney, Assistant Manager, Dining Services and Conference Services
Dave Richer, Safety & Security Sergeant
Sharon Rodriguez, Residential Coordinator
Juliette Rutherford, Safety & Security Dispatcher
Kayla Schlenz, Residential Coordinator
Todd Sloan, Safety & Security Officer
Tom Stafford, Safety & Security Officer
Kimberley Trombley, Safety & Security Dispatcher
Kathleen VanTwyver, Dining and Conference Services
Elaine White, Executive Secretary in Student Life, DHHB member
Bryan Zimmer, Safety & Security Officer
Robert Zimmerman, Manager, Dining and Conference Services

Review Board Members
Donna Alvah, history
Peter Bailey, English
Franco Bari, athletics
Damon Berry, religious studies
Cathy Crosby, psychology
Ashlee Downing, student life
Samantha Glazier, chemistry
Beth Larrabee, career services
Jeffrey Maynes, philosophy
Erin McCarthy, philosophy
Jessica Prody, performance and communication arts
Natalia Singer, English

Patrick Gagnon, Safety & Security
Peter Bailey, English
Franco Bari, Athletics
Roxanne Cliff, Safety & Security
Melanie Locy, Safety & Security
Debra Mousaw, Human Resources
John Robert O'Connor, Student Life
Shelly Roiger, Athletics

Directors of Programs Abroad 2018-2019
London – Madeleine Wong
London FYP (Fall of 2018) – Karen Dillon O'Neill
France - Eloise Brezault
Spain – Martha Chew
New York City – Richard Jenseth
Kenya - Lina Karingi, Abdelwahab Sinnary, Michael Wairungu 

Abroad Staff
Jeannine Wyman, England
Abdelwahab Sinnary, Kenya
Lina Karingi, Kenya
Judith Deshotels  Spain