Title IX Campus Climate Survey | St. Lawrence University

Title IX Campus Climate Survey

Results from 2017 Survey

Survey Instrument and Administration

  • Developed by the Higher Education Data Sharing Consortium (HEDS)
  • Online instrument
  • Data collection in February (mid-year)
  • We communicated to students that participation is confidential and anonymous; coordinated survey launch with support services (advocate office hours)
  • 388 SLU students completed the survey; 73% women, 27% men

What We Learned

  • Unwanted sexual contact and sexual assault continue to be a serious problem on college campuses and at St. Lawrence
  • Both men and women experience unwanted sexual contact or assault.  However, women are much more likely than men to experience it, and to experience it more frequently.
  • Data suggests substantial progress since 2015 but requires continued awareness, education and support by all.
98% Received information or education on sexual assault and how to recognize it
93% Received information or education on actions they can take to help prevent sexual assault
74% Have experience unwanted verbal behaviors (83% W / 40% M)
51% Have experience unwanted brief physical contact (61% W / 25% M)
10% Have experienced sexual assaults (13%W/1%M) - an additional 5% suspected they were sexually assault but were not certain
6% Of sexual assaulted were only formally reported
38% Of occurred sexual assaults included bystanders
70% Of students who indicated they observed a situations that could have led to a sexual assault intervened

Compared to 2015

  2017 2015
Education - Received Information on
What sexual assault is and how to recognize it 98% 70%
SLU's confidential resources and how to locate them 91% 77%
How to report an incident of sexual assault 85% 63%
The procedures for investigating a sexual assault 58% 28%
Actions they can take to help prevent sexual assault 93% 60%
Prevalence of Sexual Assault and Misconduct
Experienced unwanted brief physical contact sometimes, often or very often 22% 35%
Experienced an occurred Sexual Assault 10% 16%
Told no one about the sexual assault 15% 26%