Third Goal

Engage alumni more deeply to enrich University connections and expand participation and support of all kinds.

St. Lawrence completed a fundraising campaign in 2011 that raised more than $172 million – transforming campus and supporting academic priorities such as faculty-mentored research. Annual fundraising on average has increased over the same decade. Yet alumni participation remained under 40 percent. We will develop fresh fundraising initiatives to broaden participation and giving and to develop the next generation of St. Lawrence philanthropic traditions to support our highest ambitions.

One of St. Lawrence’s greatest strengths is the powerful connection alumni share with one another and with other members of the University community. This connection to the essential work of the University manifests itself in the many ways that alumni support St. Lawrence students in internship experiences and career planning.

We will enhance and communicate this distinction to prospective students and alumni. Prospective students and their families who are seeking “outcomes” in the form of career opportunities and a strong alumni support network will find that at St. Lawrence.

The University will develop more ways to engage alumni on and off campus as admissions ambassadors, in networking and career opportunities, and in giving. We will celebrate alumni careers and giving to encourage and enhance both.

Achieving these goals and others in this map will require a renewed and enhanced fundraising effort that fully engages alumni and other friends of the University. St. Lawrence will develop a case for a new fundraising initiative around the guiding themes of “building lives of consequence,” “enhancing the liberal arts education,” “making green – sustainability – the third St. Lawrence color,” and “affording the opportunity.”

Key objectives:

  • Build the next generation of loyal volunteer leadership.
  • Develop a new system to coordinate, track and communicate information about alumni careers and accomplishments.
  • Engage alumni with faculty and others in the admissions process to assist with reaching new markets and recruiting exceptional students.
  • Expand work with alumni to fulfill the promise of the “St. Lawrence Network” by creating more and better internship and career opportunities.
  • Broaden programming, both on and off campus, to provide more opportunities to connect with and engage alumni with students and with each other.
  • Launch a new, comprehensive fundraising initiative within the next five years.