Responsibilities of Senators and Chairs | St. Lawrence University Thelomathesian Society

Responsibilities of Senators and Chairs


Senators are responsible for representing their assigned constituency. They serve as Thelmo’s direct link to the Student Body. Each Senator is appointed to a committee geared to further all around satisfaction of the University. Senators appear at every meeting of The Thelomathesian Society dressed in business casual attire. At meetings Senators vote on amendments, contingency requests, organizational status requests, and resolutions brought to the Thelomathesian Society.


Chairs of the Thelomathesian Society serve to initiate discussions and propose resolutions in the interest of bettering the St. Lawrence University Community. It is their responsibility to address issues and facilitate projects throughout the semester. This semester, Chairs include: Academic Affairs, Arts and Entertainment, Canton Community Outreach, Diversity and Inclusion, Elections, Environmental Conservation, International Affairs, Safety and Security, and Student Life.

*Chairs are a paid position.