Student Government Votes to Eliminate Single Room Fee for Transgender Students | St. Lawrence University Thelomathesian Society

Student Government Votes to Eliminate Single Room Fee for Transgender Students

On December 7, 2016, the Thelomathesian Society, St. Lawrence University's student government, voted with a two-thirds majority to eliminate the single room fee for transgender and gender non-conforming students. The resolution was brought forward by members of the student government's Student Life Committee in collaboration with faculty members in the Gender and Sexuality Studies Department as well as the Office of Residence Life. Below is the text of the resolution.


CONSIDERING: Transgender students may want to live in a single room to feel a sense of security, safety, and privacy both mentally and physically; CONSIDERING: Transgender students do not subscribe to their biological sex and need necessary accommodations to ensure the same equity and comfort that all other students receive; CONSIDERING: St. Lawrence University charges a fee upwards of $750.00 for a single room that causes an unnecessary financial burden; CONSIDERING: St. Lawrence University is dedicated to fostering a community that is diverse and inclusive to all; THE THELOMATHESIAN SOCIETY HEREBY RESOLVES: We as a student government encourage St. Lawrence University and the Office of Residential Life to formally eliminate the single room fee for students who identify as transgender or gender non- conforming. LET IT BE FURTHER RESOLVED: This new policy be made public and available to all current and prospective students on the Residential Life webpage. FINALLY, LET IT BE RESOLVED: That the Thelomathesian Society continues its commitment to building a more inclusive campus community.


The single room fee at St. Lawrence University is currently $775.00 per semester. In the coming days and weeks there will be a committee formed to think critically about the implementation of this new policy.