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Apply to be the SLUSAF Junior Assistant Treasurer


“The St. Lawrence University Student Activities Fund (SLUSAF) was established by the Thelomathesian Society to coordinate financial management of the Student Activities Fees collected from every full-time matriculated undergraduate and graduate student. With approval of the Thelomathesian Senate, SLUSAF funding generated from the fee is allocated to support campus organizations, clubs, and students in their pursuit of programs of an educational, social, cultural, and recreational nature.”

Junior Assistant Treasurer is the first training position for the person who will become Central Treasurer (a member of the Thelomathesian Society’s Executive Board and Chairperson of the Budget and Finance Committee). Responsibilities of the position include working with the Business Office, holding office hours, filing check requests, being a member of the Budget and Finance Committee, approving contingency proposals, meeting with organizations, and creating the following year’s budget. Training is provided by the Assistant Treasurer and Central Treasurer and responsibilities augment as training progresses.


We encourage students from any background to apply. It is NOT necessary that applicants to this position be Economics, Accounting, or Mathematics majors/minors. However, applicants must be fully matriculated sophomores at St. Lawrence University who are willing to commit to work for SLUSAF for five semesters to ensure the continuity of the fund. Please contact the Central Treasurer, Phil Scott, through email: for further questions.

Please fill out the following application to be considered. Members of the Class of 2021 are the only elligable applicants.

You need only submit an online application or a paper one -- not both.

Please return your application to the Student Info Desk in the Student Center, email an electronic version to, or submit an online application available in the Thelomathesian Society’s website:

Applicants will be contacted on January 28th, 2019 by 5 p.m. The interview is a required part of the application process (please email about any conflicts). Applicants will know whether they have received the position Sunday night. The position begins immediately after hiring.

Thank you for your interest,

Phil Scott

SLUSAF Central Treasurer