Move that Trailer

by Olivia Raynard


           As I began my journey of living tiny, I knew I was going to face some challenges and receive some skeptical looks. One of the first major challenges I faced, was searching for and deciding on the right trailer. Since the trailer will be the base of my tiny house, I knew I would have to get a sturdy, heavy-duty trailer, which would cost some cha-ching. When first looking at trailers, most tiny house specific trailers were around $5,000 because they are a custom made size, had specific features for latching sides onto a trailer and are heavier duty because of the amount of weight that needs to be moved around. So I decided to go to a local trailer company just outside my hometown to see if they could help me find the trailer I needed for a reasonable price.

            Once stepping foot in their shop, they tried to work with me to find the proper trailer for a reasonable price with just the essential parts I would use. When first looking at the options available, I was overwhelmed because there were so many options, and so many add on parts that were not necessary for my project. I first settled on an incoming trailer that was 14 ft. long, but once it came in, I realized the actual bed of the trailer was about 12 ft. long because the measurement included the beaver tail add on in the back, which I did not need for my trailer. So we reconvened in the office and I told them exactly what I wanted, which was a trailer bed that measured 14 ft. long, no beaver tail and no side supports on the trailer. Because of the requests I made, the company making the trailers had to custom make it for me, which meant it took about 3 weeks to a month for it to be finished and brought to the shop for me to look at.

            So finally yesterday, I was home and coordinated a time to go over and check my trailer to make sure it was everything I discussed I wanted. I went over with my mom because she will be the one to pick up my trailer and drive it out to me, as she is the only one that has a car with the towing capacity to drive my trailer out to me at the moment. I am planning to get my own truck (mid size, 6 cylinder) within the year, so I can have it before I finish my tiny house. But for the time being, my mom is helping me out, and I am transferring all the money over to her to pay for as she picks it up, hopefully by next week. Then, once it is up here in the North Country I will take my two days off that I still have and work on building the frame for my house! Time for the Tiny house journey to begin!