Application | St. Lawrence University Sustainability Program


The Sustainability Program is an immersive experiential year long program where students live together and explore sustainability.  In order to apply you must complete this application which includes answering questions, submitting an unoffical copy of your transcript, and providing us with a reference.  To begin click the "login" link in the upper left corner, and enter your St. Lawrence University login.   You can save at any time by clicking "Save Draft" button at the bottom, and continue at a later date.  You are also able to view and fill out the application in any order.  Upon completion of application hit the "Preview" button on the last page and review your application.  If satisfied then hit the "Submit" button, but be aware you cannot edit further after it has been submitted. 

The university wide application deadline is Mar 1, 2021 for the fall semester 2021 & spring 2022 academic year.

Deadline for early application with advanced acceptance is 1 Nov. 2020, for the fall semester 2021 & spring 2022 academic year.

Program interviews & decision letters will be completed before Dec. 1st. 2020.

If you have any questions or concerns email us at