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Use the Sustainability Farm as an Experiential Education Resource

For professors planning your syllabi, please remember that St. Lawrence University’s Sustainability Farm site is available for use to enrich your spring and fall classes. 

The site is on a 33 acre piece of property in Canton, just 4 miles from SLU’s main campus. During the summer and fall, the site is used for growing food and supporting various other year-round endeavors relating to sustainability. Some of the resources that we have available include:

  • 20 acres pasture (tillable)
  • 1 ½ acres established garden, managed using organic practices
  • Pond (and amphibians galore) 
  • Surrounding woods 
  • Wildlife (in the woods and pond mostly)
  • Classroom with space for ~15 students (with table, chairs, whiteboard, projector, bathroom)
  • Residential newly renovated farmhouse with kitchen, large dining room table and living room,  multiple bedrooms, 3 bathrooms w/showers.
  • Young orchard
  • Timber frame greenhouse
  • Chickens (in student built- chicken coops)
  • Solar panels
  • Maple sugar bush
  • Delicious, food grown on site 

Ways that you might use the site:

  1. Field trip/tour/hands on work in gardens (season dependent). The Homesteader-in Residence is available to lead tours and work with groups on topics relating to homesteading, organic/sustainable agriculture and see potential workshop list below.
  2. Use the site as a field lab.  
  3. Combine class (there is a classroom building) and fieldtrip/lab
  4. Faculty or student research projects
  5. Short (overnight-several day) immersion experience in homesteading/farming/community. The farmhouse has sufficient beds for 10-12 students but can house 20 if they are willing to sleep on the floor), cook together in the large kitchen, participate in farm work or other homesteading activities- perfect for an FYS or appropriately themed class of that size.
  6. Potential workshops taught by the Homesteader-in-Residence: yogurt making, cheese making, mushroom growing, orchard pruning, garden planning, seed starting, build a solar oven, using draft horses, composting, fermenting food, maple sugaring and more! 

We are happy to brainstorm with you on ideas and, with sufficient notice, tailor activities to your class!

Please contact Homesteader-In-Residence, Samuel Joseph.