Mentor Application Deadline | St. Lawrence University Sustainability Program

Mentor Application Deadline

Sunday, March 1, 2020 - 11:30pm

Sustainability Mentorship Program

During the Sustainability Program, students gain knowledge and skills in food production, preservation, and general usage of the site. The Sustainability Mentorship Program is designed to help transfer this knowledge between years.  A mentor is a member of a previous cohort that will live in the sustainability house and contribute to the program’s immersive living and learning environment.  The mentor will share the wisdom they have gained through their experiences at the program, as well as their personal skills to foster the next cohort through their program experience.

The mentor role is a paid hourly position using standard SLU wages with an expectations of 10 hours per week depending on season and situation.  In addition to the formal paid time, there is an expectation of serving as a resource to students in house by helping or engaging with them in non-paid, casual ways.  There can be more than one mentor with the responsibilities divided among them, and the number of work hours adjusted.  In addition to the formal application, you should make your interest in the position known to the program director and faculty coordinator.


Contact Program Director for Application