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Student Life

Any student will tell you, there’s more to a college education than going to class. After all, you’re here 24/7, and you can’t be studying all the time! Of course, your classes are important, but you’ll learn valuable lifetime skills in other activities, too: leadership-teamwork-organization-communication-how to conduct yourself around others.

How do we do that?

Community service: join one – or more – of several organizations that work with people in Canton and the surrounding towns and villages. Rake an elderly resident’s lawn / spend time with an at-risk child / build a house with Habitat for Humanity.

Athletics: In life, you need to know how to accept victory with grace and defeat with dignity. Where better to learn that than through sports? Not interested in varsity? Look at our club and intramural teams.

Clubs: From politics to the arts to religion and beyond, we have action groups and interest groups and discussion groups for almost every compelling topic. If we don’t, start your own – you’ll be surprised how easy it is.

It doesn’t stop there. You’ll be learning from someone every time you go to the dining center with your friends, or head to the gym or a concert with a hallmate, or walk to class with someone from a different culture. Just being here is part of your education.