TIPs and the Event Registration Process

TIPS monitors are required for both alcohol and special events.

  • TIPS monitors at alcohol events are required to assist in monitoring the consumption and use of alcohol at the event.
  • At special events, TIPS monitors are required because of the large number of people in attendance. Their presence will assist the Social Host and other members hosting the event in assuring that alcohol does not negatively impact the event. 

Since TIPS monitors have different responsibilities at the two types of events a different number of monitors are required depending on whether it is an alcohol or special event. Check the registration forms to determine the number of required TIPS monitors who must attend your event.

The sponsoring individual(s)/organization(s) are responsible for contacting and securing TIPS monitors for their event. To learn more about the TIPS program and to see a list of on-campus trained TIPS monitors visit the SLU TIPS Program website.

The number of required TIPS monitors should be members from the sponsoring organization. However, in the case where your organization does not have enough trained TIPS monitors some TIPS monitors may be found from outside the organization. However, please note that TIPS monitors may not be compensated for their time and must serve on a volunteer basis.

Please click here to learn more about a TIPs Monitor responsibilities at an event.