Vina Smith-Ramakrishnan | St. Lawrence University Student Activities & Leadership

Vina Smith-Ramakrishnan

Class year: 

Major: Anthropology
Why did you become an OL? My St. Lawrence experience (especially my first year) has been life changing, and I want to help guide incoming first years to have impactful experiences on campus too.
Any advice to First Years? Keep an open mind! Be willing to try new things. You never know who you may befriend or what wild adventure is lying just around the corner.
Favorite thing to do at SLU? Hanging out on all the amazing green spaces campus has to offer
Favorite food item on campus? Gluten free quesadillas at the Pub (Northstar Cafe)
Fun Fact: 5 out of the 6 girls living in my Senior Townhouse met on a pre-orientation trip at the very beginning of our first year at SLU!