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Riley Whitney

Class year: 

Major: Undeclared but likely Geology and Multidisciplinary Middle Eastern Studies or Government
Why did you become an OL? I struggled my first year at St. Lawrence, to the point where I wanted to transfer, and want the first years to see it for the extremely special place that it is. I could talk for hours about it, but basically working with the freshmen to help them see the things that I didn't and utilize the opportunities that SLU provides in order to tailor their experience to make them the happiest possible.
Any advice to First Years? You don't have to do everything to be a super hero and you don't have to "redesign" yourself in college, which many people feel like they have to. Sometimes SLU feels divided in the sense that it is a small campus and it can feel hard to find your place. Take the time to find your niche and know that you can be part of many different communities and the SLU community as a whole will always welcome you
Favorite thing to do at SLU? Ski, hike in the ADKs, hammock on campus and do homework, go to the gym, Dana sit
Favorite food item on campus? Dana Salad bar is fire and also pita sandwiches and also hummus bar. Definitely utilize the blender at Dana, but try not to make a huge mess because I always do and they don't like me!!!!
Fun Fact: I think I am maybe the only person at SLU from Wisconsin..? Some people think that that is cool. I also lived in Utah so for some reason people from the east coast are very intrigued by that. My orientees are learning the art of speedball, a game invented by ski racers, which I am bad at, but insist that everyone needs to learn.