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Olivia Hess

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Major: Communication / Business in the Liberal Arts
Why did you become an OL? I had a really great experience with my OL's and they made my first year experience exponentially better, so I wanted to do that for someone else
Any advice to First Years? Put yourself out there! There are so many different ways to get involved and make friends during your time at St. Lawrence, you have to try at least one or two of them out! It is tiring to always be trying new things, but so worth it when you find a club or activity that you love being involved in.
Favorite thing to do at SLU? I love the warm days in the beginning and very end of the school year, where you can just lounge on green space all day.
Favorite food item on campus? Mac & Cheese bites...is this even a question?
Fun Fact: I know all the words to the German version of 99 Red Balloons. You're welcome, world.