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Maya Bryant

Class year: 

Major: Biology
Why did you become an OL? I became an OL because my OLs (shout out to Vina and Matt) were the first people who taught me how to live at SLU and love every minute of it. I want to be able to do this for the Class of 2021!
Any advice to First Years? It's okay if you don't meet your best friends during the first couple days of orientation. You will meet them when you least expect it and they will definitely change your life for the better, so don't fret!
Favorite thing to do at SLU? Grab some Ben & Jerry's (preferably Chocolate Fudge Brownie) and sit on the quad with friends.
Favorite food item on campus? White Chicken Chili or a bacon, egg, and cheese on a bagel (both at the Pub). Can't decide which is better.
Fun Fact: I'm a certified Phlebotomist.