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Andy Ostler

Class year: 

Major: Studio Art
Why did you become an OL? I became an OL to be a resource and friendly face for incoming first years. I know transitioning can be difficult, but I want all students to feel relaxed and welcomed at Orientation and the upcoming school years! SLU has been an amazing experience for me; from studying a diverse range of subjects to late night pizza dates with friends. St. Lawrence has truly become my second home and I can't wait to share it with a new generation of Saints!
Any advice to First Years? My advice to First Years is to explore. Join any and every club, adventure and hike on the weekends, partake in school events, and enroll in courses that challenge and interest you! Don't be afraid to try new things.
Favorite thing to do at SLU? My favorite thing to do at SLU is to attend the Fall and Spring Fest concerts! I also love to rock climb at the Munro Climbing Wall and bike ride through Canton!
Favorite food item on campus? Dana Mac 'n Cheese and Pub French Toast Sticks
Fun Fact: I was born and raised on a small farm in Hartford, Vermont and go to the same school as my sister, Casey, who will be a Senior here at SLU. I love to play soccer, lacrosse, and ski. I'm the Special Events Co-Chair on ACE and have served as a Senator on Thelmo. I will be living in the Artist Guild this year, so definitely stop by Artist Hour. (I've lived in Rebert South as a First Year and Dean as a Sophomore!) Also, find me as a tutor in the WORD Studio located in ODY!